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7 nov. - 12 dec. 2008




  A Time Of War by Martha Rosler  
  The images contained in this archive constitute the screen saver for A Time of
War. The images can be installed as a slideshow screen saver on any capable
computer. The procedure for setup will vary depending on your computer’s
operating system; directions for two common operating systems follow.
Please distribute this screen saver freely. Download ZIP file
screen_saver_for_a_time_of_war.zip and follow the instructions below:
  Macintosh OSX 10.3+ DOWNLOAD ZIP 1,34 mb
1. Move the screen saver for a time of war folder to your Pictures folder.
2. Open Desktop & Screen saver in the System Preferences application and then
select the Screen Saver button at the top of the dialog that appears.
3. Scroll down the menu on the left-hand side of the dialog and select the icon
labeled Choose Folder…. A file dialog should appear. Navigate to the pictures
folder, and then select the screen saver for a time of war folder in the Pictures
folder. Click Choose in the file dialog window.
4. You should be returned to the Desktop & Screen Saver window. Press the
Options… button below the preview window. Be sure to leave Crop slides to fit
screen unchecked and Present slides in random order checked, then click OK.
The screen saver should now be installed and the dialog box can be closed.

  Windows XP DOWNLOADS ZIP 6,23 mb
1. Move the screen saver for a time of war folder to the Pictures folder in My
2. Open Display in Control Panel.
3. On the Screen Saver tab select My Picture Slideshow in the list.
4. Click Settings, and then Browse in the window that appears to specify the
screen saverfor a time of war folder found inthe Pictures folder.
5. Press OK on bottom of the Settings window and then OK on the Display window.
  The screen saver should now be installed